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The education and wellbeing of children on the autism spectrum is at immediate risk.

The coronavirus continues to have an unprecedented impact on Autism Spectrum Australia’s (Aspect) Schools and our students.

Their emotional wellbeing, ability to focus, learn and regulate behaviours quickly declines when routines are disrupted. Students on the autism spectrum have had to adjust to the rapid and unpredictable changes caused by the pandemic – transitioning from school, to learning at home and now back to school while keeping up a specialised education program.

The number of Aspect families in financial hardship is growing.

As more families lose income due to the coronavirus crisis, the number of Aspect families in financial hardship is growing. The situation continues to change and we are paying close attention to how this crisis affects the emotional and mental health of children on the autism spectrum and giving extra support where it’s needed.

Please make a donation to ensure vulnerable children don’t get left behind in the coronavirus crisis.

Your donation can ensure every child on the autism spectrum will continue their vital education.

With your help we can ensure every child on the autism spectrum has the resources, technology and tailored support they need to continue their vital education during this difficult time.

  • $30 buys personal protective equipment such as face masks and gloves for the amazing Aspect teachers, keeping our teachers and students safe.
  • $50 delivers sensory packs to the homes of our students so they can have the sensory breaks they need to help them focus and engage in lessons.
  • $200 will help fund financial relief to ensure children on the autism spectrum can continue their tailored education.
  • $650 contributes to online learning technologies such as iPads, laptops and Internet set-up.
  • $6000 provides a sponsored school place for a child whose family is facing financial hardship.

As families struggle with the emotional and financial impact of coronavirus, we need your support to make sure they don’t have to worry about their child’s education too.

Is my donation to Aspect tax deductible?

All donations above $2, made before June 30th, are tax deductible. On your next tax return, your donation will not be counted as part of your taxable income.

Make sure you keep your receipt as this will be needed by your accountant to ensure you receive your tax benefit.

Donate now to help children on the autism spectrum access essential resources and tailored support.

Your gift will help children on the autism spectrum access the essential resources and tailored support they need to continue their education during the coronavirus crisis.

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