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Growing up on the autism spectrum can mean growing up with barriers that most of us never face.

At a young age, Sienna suddenly lost her ability to communicate. She couldn’t express her needs or connect with her family and she would become overwhelmed and anxious in unfamiliar environments. Eventually, at age two, she was diagnosed with autism.

Thankfully, Sienna was able to access therapy, early intervention and now, autism-specific schooling through Aspect.

Now eight years old, she is thriving. Her communication and social skills have improved tremendously and she’s even formed her first real friendships! Her parents, Leanne and Andrew could not be prouder.

Sienna playing with bubbles

Without autism-specific support, children like Sienna can get left out and left behind.

Currently, the need for autism-specific schools and support services is growing rapidly. Our resources are stretched, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing demand.

That’s why we urgently need your help. Please give today and help us provide life-changing support to more families with children on the autism spectrum.

“Aspect have not only provided Sienna with a safe and nurturing learning environment that she is able to flourish in, it has provided us, as a family, a community of acceptance, a place where our child is supported and celebrated and not judged.”

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