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This fun, practical guide is all about helping you take the stress out of Christmas.

We'll give you the low-down on taking the drama out of family gatherings, and share some practical tips on handling Christmas lunch, festive noise and chaos without succumbing to the usual anxieties that can easily overwhelm us at this time every year.

With a few of our simple strategies in place, you'll find yourself with less stress and more time for the most important Christmas activity of all - having fun.

This year you can finally have the Christmas you want rather than the one you might usually have.

For nine-year-old twins Jake and Kade, Christmas is the most exciting time of the year.

Thanks to the autism-specific strategies and support they've received at their Aspect school, Jake and Kade are better able to regulate their behaviour and manage their anxieties. The stressful Christmas period is a more manageable experience for both the boys and their family.

Your donation can help keep a child at their Aspect school

This year has been challenging, and like so many of the Aspect families we support, Jake and Kade's parents have faced financial hardship. Their mum Nicole, spent many sleepless nights worrying that the boys may have to move to a new school, and start over without the autism-specific support they need. She feared the boys would lose all the progress they’d made, feel completely overwhelmed and be unable to cope without the structure, routine and support of their Aspect school and teachers.

The best solution to this problem is to provide more Aspect School Sponsorships to families facing financial hardship.

Donate today to help protect the autism-specific education of children like Jake and Kade.