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Christmas fundraising ideas

Looking for some fundraising ideas for this festive season? Whether you are in the office or with friends and family we have something for everyone. All you need to do is set up a fundraising page and kick start your Christmas giving now.

1. Donate to Aspect

  • Most people have just about everything they need, so why not give a gift that will really make a difference to someone's life? Donations in lieu of gifts are a memorable way to celebrate Christmas. You can donate to Aspect instead of buying presents to business partners, friends and family. It is easy to set up your fundraising page and why not post the link on social media or even text it to your friends and family.

2. Secret Santa

  • Every year, an unnecessary amount of money gets spent on Secret Santa gifts that get thrown into the back of a drawer. Why not do something a bit more worthwhile with your money this year? Encourage your family, friends and work colleagues to make a donation in lieu of their Secret Santa gifts.

3. Dress Up for Christmas

  • A Christmas-themed fundraising day is a fun and simple Christmas fundraising idea. Organize a “Bobble Hat Day”, a “Christmas Sweater Day”, or the "Best Christmas Accessory" and get your friends, family or work colleagues to wear these and pay to enter the competition - organise a price for the best outfit. May the ugliest sweater or the best accessory win!

Other ways to support us

Cheer up your family, friends or your business partners with Christmas cards and hampers this festive season and support autism at the same time.

1. Holiday cards

Looking for some Holiday Cards? Cards come in 4 different designs and created by students at Aspect South East Sydney School. Product features a pack of 10 cards with a selection of all four designs, including envelopes.

All cards are portrait orientation and postage is included in the price. To purchase your Christmas cards, click here:

If you struggling to find the time to send Christmas card why not send an e-card instead! You can choose from many designs, and have them delivered at the time of your choice and you are saving the environment at the same time! Spread some Christmas cheer and support Aspect at the same time

2. Christmas hampers

Need a gift for a loved one or perhaps a business partner. Why not surprise them with a beautiful hamper from Charity Hampers and in return we will receive a 10% donation of the retail price.

You can purchase hampers online via this link: or by calling 1300 699 126.

Surviving Christmas - how to!

Christmas can be a stressful time of year. Here are some practical tips so you and your family can navigate your way and make it to New Year in one piece and get the Christmas you want.

  • Don't like the Christmas crowds and noise at your local shopping centre? Go online! Alternatively shop in advance way before Christmas and go early in the morning to avoid crowds.
  • Provide your family a positive sensory experience. Think about smells, tastes or sounds.
  • It can be hard bumping into relatives and having to socialise throughout all this time. Set up few different area for people to chat or create a quiet room in your house.
  • Why not hang one of these signs from your door to indicate you need some time out!
  • Create a special Christmas box your child can take with them when visiting family and friends' houses to keep them calm and interested.
  • Use your child's special interest to help them associate Christmas with something really fun. Perhaps superheros can wear Santa hats or Christmas trees can be decorated with their favourite characters such as Pokemon or Minecraft.
  • Print out your colouring in placemats to keep the kids entertained at the dinner table this year!

For general fundraising enquiries,

Call 1800 288 476

Send us a message and we'll get back to you.

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