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Aspect are now offering a range of service via online and distance models.

Aspect @nywhere
Here for you wherever you are

Aspect @nywhere

Currently, there are changes to Aspect services. An overview of our current services and supports is as follows:


  • Aspect schools are currently open, with online learning via Google Classrooms available to students who choose to stay at home
  • Aspect Teletherapy is now available
  • Aspect Assessments are here to help by conducting diagnostic assessments via Telehealth
  • Aspect Capable are running online webinars and mentoring support
  • Webinars are available on a range of topics

At Aspect we are passionate about people, about being positive and about what's possible. We are committed to providing the best opportunities for people at home, in the classroom and at work. We are single-minded in our pursuit to make life better for people on the autism spectrum and we are devoted to making connections that help us to better understand people’s needs and wants.

This dedication extends beyond services and into our relationships with supporters, sponsors and funders. As an organisation we are genuine about our ability to make a difference in people’s lives and this belief is shared by the people we come into contact with. Being open, honest and sincere about what we can do and what’s possible builds trust, confidence and belief in our people, our organisation and our future.

Aspect has offices in New South Wales, the ACT, SA and Victoria, and offers services across Australia. Aspect @nywhere services operate via digital platforms and can be accessed from your own home.

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