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Service update: 23rd July 2021

The NSW Government, VIC Government and the South Australian Government have announced stay-at-home orders for residents in those states in response to a rising number of COVID-19 cases. Aspect services and schools in those states are affected.

Aspect Adult Community Services in NSW & VIC are deemed essential services and will remain open to participants

Yesterday the NSW Government announced that all residents in Greater Sydney are required by law to wear a mask in public. People who are not able to wear a mask, including people on the autism spectrum, must carry either a doctor's certificate or a signed letter by a registered NDIS provider stating why it is not possible to wear a mask. Aspect has draft letters prepared for our adult participants about mask-wearing. Please contact your Service Coordinator if you require one of these letters for yourself or a participant.

Please contact your Service Coordinator directly if you need to discuss how we can best support you, or you can contact us on 1800 277 328.

The Federal Government has established a COVID-19 hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any additional questions you may have – 1800 022 222.

Aspect Adult Community Services

Aspect Adult Community Services provide supports to give participants the confidence and skills to live successfully on their own terms. Our personalised support services have been specifically designed to improve an individual’s independence, emotional resilience and physical wellbeing, by extending their networks and helping them make positive connections in the community.

Our tailored programs assist with the development of skills in the following areas:

  • Communication & social skills
  • Independent living skills
  • Health & wellbeing; and
  • Social & recreational

Our person-centred solutions enable individuals to have choice and control over their daily lives. We also facilitate group activities that encourage individuals to participate in social settings. Our programs are flexible and evolving based on our participants’ needs

Our Adult Community Services Programs of Support are currently open for new intakes for participants who meet our eligibility for programs of support commencing on January 13th 2021.

Download and complete an intake form below.

Do you have an NDIS Support Plan?

Aspect Adult Community Services is a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider.

The NDIS provides individualised support for people with disability, their families and carers. Our aim, along with the NDIS, is to enable people with a disability to choose and achieve their goals towards a better life.

Individuals who are eligible for the NDIS are supported to go through planning processes to determine the supports and services they need within their lives. They will then receive funding on an annual basis to purchase the supports, services, aids and equipment they require.

The following video from the NDIS explains how to develop your first plan.

Aspect Adult Community Services provides NDIS services (TTP) under Core Supports.
These supports align to the following areas:

  • High intensity daily personal activities
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities
  • Group and centre-based activities

Aspect Adult Community Services Locations

AACS has locations in Sydney and Melbourne. We offer a range of programs and supports through these venues. Click below to learn more.

Aspect Adult Community Services Price Guide

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Aspect Adult Community Services Fees

Aspect Adult Community Services Participant Handbook

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Aspect Adult Community Services Participant Handbook

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