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AACS Programs of Support

Aspect Adult Community Services (AACS) provides a range of 12-week Program of Support services to adults on the autism spectrum. Our Programs of Support cover 4 key skill development areas:

AACS provides a range of programs and services to assist the development of individualised communication skills, develop social skills and provide an opportunity to engage in a range of social platforms within the local community.

AACS provides a range of Program of Support options aimed at assisting to develop independent living skills. This includes accessing cooking, self-care, cleaning, gardening and personalised support programs.

AACS provides a range of Program of Support options focused on maintaining and developing health and wellbeing. This is through the provision of various activities such as low impact Indoor and Outdoor Exercise programs, Yoga, Meditation as well as other Outdoor sporting programs. All of these programs have been designed to enhance participants physical fitness levels, promote a sense of wellbeing and can greatly assist in reducing anxiety, stress and negativity.

The Sports and Recreation element of our Programs of Support encompasses a wide range of activities that focus on participants developing and improving physical fitness, fine motor skills along with their coordination. These programs were developed to provide sensory stimulation for participants while encouraging creativity, developing self-esteem and building confidence. These programs are designed for people of all abilities to participate in while working on their social and team-building skills.

2021 Calendar of Support by State

Victoria - ACS Calendar 2021

NSW - ACS Calendar 2021

AACS will provide support to understand the Program of Support options available, including start/end dates, activity options and skill development outcomes.

Our Adult Community Services Programs of Support are currently open for new intakes for participants who meet our eligibility for programs of support commencing on January 13th 2021.

Download and complete an intake form below.

Different AACS Service Locations may offer certain programs. To find details about these locations and the programs each offers, click on the tiles below.

Aspect Adult Community Services Price Guide

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Aspect Adult Community Services Fees

Aspect Adult Community Services Participant Handbook

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Aspect Adult Community Services Participant Handbook

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