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Aspect now offer a range of webinars, one-to-one contacts and supports through online services

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Aspect offers a broad range of autism-related workshops for parents, carers, educators and health professionals.

All of our Aspect workshops are designed to be:

  • Run by qualified presenters specialising in autism
  • Current & cover expansive topics
  • Informative & engaging
  • Person-centred & evidence-based
  • Convenient and affordable

Early Days Workshops

Early Days is a series of FREE workshops for parents/carers and other family members of young children (0-7 years) who are on the autism spectrum. They are also suitable for parents who have concerns about their child’s development, but have not received a formal diagnosis. The workshops are run by professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in working with young children on the autism spectrum.

Aspect Practice Workshops

Aspect Practice is a national initiative that is committed to improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum across Australia. Combining evidence-informed practice, thinking and knowledge. Drawing upon Aspect’s 50 years of experience in partnership with people on the autism spectrum and their families, we deliver practical, real-world solutions to benefit families, communities, professionals and organisations.

New - Aspect Practice webinars: a series of practice-based webinars co-presented with practice specialists including Autistic experts. Each webinar is a short 30-minute presentation with a clear practical take away for families, educators and others who support Autistic people.

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