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Aspect now offer a range of webinars, one-to-one contacts and supports through online services

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Our Workshops

Aspect offers a broad range of autism-related workshops and information sessions for parents, carers, educators and health professionals.

All of our Aspect workshops are designed to be:

  • Run by qualified presenters specialising in autism
  • Current & cover expansive topics
  • Informative & engaging
  • Person-centred & evidence-based
  • Convenient and affordable

Autism Advisor Program

The Autism Advisor Program runs webinars, information sessions and support groups for parents, carers, educators and professionals who are aiding in the support and care of children aged 0-7 years on the autism spectrum.

Support is offered through:

  • Pre and Post Diagnostic Support and Information
  • Information line for families of newly diagnosed children and families accessing Autism Advisor Program and Early Days services.
  • Information and Support Groups - new dates for November coming soon
  • Free autism-specific workshops - new dates coming soon
  • Information Sessions for professionals - new dates coming soon

Autism Advisor Parent/Carer Information and Support Groups

Online information and support groups for parents and carers of children aged 0-7 years on the autism spectrum. The purpose is to answer questions commonly asked by parents following a diagnosis and to give information about relevant topics.

Information Sessions for Professionals

The Information Session for Professionals aim to give professionals an understanding of the Autism Advisor program and its services, referral pathways and to discuss the importance of post-diagnostic support.

Free Webinars for Early Childhood Professionals

Do you work for an early childhood education service? Would your service/staff benefit from FREE, evidence-based information about autism?

Early Days Workshops

Early Days is a series of FREE workshops for parents/carers and other family members of young children (0-7 years) who are on the autism spectrum. They are also suitable for parents who have concerns about their child’s development, but have not received a formal diagnosis. The workshops are run by professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in working with young children on the autism spectrum.

Aspect Practice Workshops

Aspect Practice is a national initiative that is committed to improving the lives of people on the autism spectrum across Australia. Combining evidence-informed practice, thinking and knowledge. Drawing upon Aspect’s 50 years of experience in partnership with people on the autism spectrum and their families, we deliver practical, real-world solutions to benefit families, communities, professionals and organisations.

New - Aspect Practice webinars: a series of practice-based webinars co-presented with practice specialists including Autistic experts. Each webinar is a short 30-minute presentation with a clear practical take away for families, educators and others who support Autistic people.

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