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The Early Days Workshops are part of the Helping Children With Autism package and are here to provide free support and information to families and carers who have children with (or who may have) autism between the ages of 0-7 Years.

Workshops are free of charge to participants

They are run by professionals who have extensive experience and knowledge in working with young children with autism.

Two Core Workshops: Full day

  • Understanding autism: Identifying the characteristics of autism and helping you to understand how it may be effecting your child in everyday life
  • You Make the Difference: Identifying ways you can promote your child’s learning and development at home
  • Early Intervention: Discussing what Early Intervention is and how to get the most out of it, including looking at the evidence and decision making process
  • Identifying and Describing a Behaviour: Creating a clear description of a behaviour and examining what happens before and after the behaviour
  • Understanding the Function of a Behaviour: Using the that has been gathered to identify what the child is communicating through their behaviour
  • Planning for Intervention: How to make environmental changes to support the child, finding realistic replacement behaviours and how to reward appropriate replacement behaviours

Five Skills based Workshops: Half day

  • Understand about how autism can impact on play skills
  • Understand the different types of play and how they develop
  • Build skills to scaffold and encourage play skills
  • Help your child build skills
  • Understand why everyday self help skills can be hard for a child with autism
  • Gain strategies to help develop all skills
  • Tips to specifically help with toileting
  • Tips to specifically help with sleep
  • Plan, Prepare, Practise and develop Practical and Play Skills to work towards a smooth progression to school for your child
  • Determine school readiness skills for your child and identify how you can work towards developing these at home
  • Gain information on funding options for school-aged children
  • Understanding autism: Understanding how the characteristics of Autism may be impacting on your child’s interaction skills
  • The Building Blocks for Development: Examining how eye contact, joint attention, copying and turn taking develops in children and how this may differ for children with autism
  • Strategies to Encourage Early Interaction:Using the knowledge that has been built over the course of the day to help you implement practical strategies at home to support and develop interaction with your child
  • Please note this workshop is suitable for children with a developmental delay or children 4 years and under
  • Understand why change is hard for your child
  • Identify the changes that could be challenging
  • Learn some strategies to prepare your child for change in everyday and special situations

Upcoming Early Days Workshops

Friday 21 Jun 2019
10:00 - 13:00

Early Days Play & Social Learning: Sutherland 21 June 2019

Early Days Workshops are designed for parents and carers with a young child who has (or may have) Autism Spectrum.Please note: Workshops may be cancelled due to insufficient registrations, if you are keen to attend then please register your attendanc...

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