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Aspect now offers online assessments, by appointment, for autism using a computer tablet or phone.

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Read more about the assessment process, including Telehealth assessments here.

Aspect Assessments provide assessments for autism across the lifespan. A comprehensive assessment can identify developmental difficulties and determine what interventions, strategies and supports will assist someone to reach their potential. Our assessments also include information about an individual’s strengths, talents and interests so that support plans can be tailored to their particular goals and aspirations.

Do you want to know if you or your child is on the autism spectrum?

Autism assessments (diagnostic assessments) are conducted by our specialist staff who are trained in the use of gold standard assessment instruments (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule and Autism Diagnostic Interview). An autism assessment will determine whether someone has autism and provide detailed information about their strengths and support needs.

On the spectrum and needing more information for applications (e.g. NDIS) or support planning?

A Review Assessment a comprehensive assessment that can support people on the autism spectrum at times of transition (starting primary school or high school, preparing to leave school) or assist in accessing appropriate funding and supports (Helping Children with Autism Package, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Disability Allowance). These assessments provide current information about social skills, behaviour, everyday living skills and current support needs.

Want help entering the workforce?

Aspect also conducts vocational assessments to assist with career planning and specialised workplace assessments aimed at identifying necessary supports and adjustments.

Accessing your Telehealth Assessment Appointment

Online assessments via Telehealth are by appointment only. Please contact us on 1800 277 328 to discuss your needs and to make an appointment for an online assessment.

At the time and date of your appointment, you can connect to Telehealth below.

Please select Aspect Assessments from the "clinic" dropdown list.

Pre-call Test

Check and that your device will work with Telehealth.

This test will check that your device will work with our Telehealth Service..
This includes:

  • Checking your camera, microphone, browser and speakers
  • Testing that you can connect to the internet.
  • Testing that you can connect to Telehealth.
  • Keeping information about how well you can connect to Telehealth.

After the tests, we will help you to try and connect to Telehealth.


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Assessment Fees - 2020

Aspect Assessment's fees as at September 2020

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Aspect Assessment Participant Handbook - 2020

Intake Forms

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Aspect Assessments Intake form

Download and complete an intake form and return to: Once we have received the completed intake form, you will get confirmation that we have received the form and you will be put in the queue for a call by our Assessment Team Leaders.

Phone us to discuss how we can help you.

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