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Getting a Diagnosis

Aspect Assessments provide both adult autism diagnosis and children autism diagnosis assessments for individuals across their lifespan. Our comprehensive assessment can identify developmental difficulties and determine what strategies and supports will assist a person to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Please note: Aspect’s waitlist for an autism assessment is currently a minimum of 12 months. At this stage, we are taking names for the waitlist and notifying people if an earlier appointment becomes available.

What to expect when getting an assessment

Aspect has created animated social stories to help you learn about the assessment process and to know what to expect. We have videos for both face-to-face and Telehealth assessments for children and adults.

These autism assessments – also known as diagnostic assessments – can determine whether someone has autism. They’re also useful for individuals who have previously been diagnosed with autism but are now wanting an updated assessment and additional information. These are also known as review assessments and are useful to help individuals with funding applications or support planning.

Autism assessments are able to be offered face-to-face in one of our clinics (Sydney and Coffs Harbour) or via telehealth.

Cognitive assessments help to determine an individual’s learning capability. They identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and can assist with the development of individualised support and learning plans.

Cognitive assessments are conducted face-to-face in one of our clinics (Sydney and Coffs Harbour), and are not available via telehealth.

Autism assessments are able to be offered face to face in one of our clinics (Sydney and Coffs Harbour) or via telehealth. Cognitive assessments need to be conducted face to face, and are not available via telehealth.

What to expect when getting an assessment

Getting Started

To get the assessment process started, download and complete an intake form and return to Once we have received the completed intake form, you will get confirmation that we have received the form. Then you will be put in the queue for a call by our Assessment Team Leaders.

Aspect Assessment Services

Our assessment services are delivered by clinical psychologists or neuropsychologists, with experience and post-graduate training in the assessment and diagnosis of autism. We follow the “National Guidelines for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder”, and use gold standard assessment tools such as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule -– Second Edition (ADOS-2) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview -– Revised (ADI-R).

All our assessments include a comprehensive report, which is provided within four to six weeks of the assessment date.

Want help entering the workforce?

Aspect also conducts vocational assessments to assist with career planning and specialised workplace assessments aimed at identifying necessary supports and adjustments.

Online assessments via Telehealth are by appointment only. Please contact us on 1800 277 328 to discuss your needs and to make an appointment for an online assessment.

Already booked in?

Assessment FAQs

Diagnosing autism can be a challenge because there is no single medical test – like a blood test – to assist with making a diagnosis. That’s why we prefer the phrase ‘assessment’, which more accurately describes the diagnosis process.

During assessments experts review an individual’s developmental history and behaviours in order to make a diagnosis over time.

ASD is the acronym for autism spectrum disorder. This umbrella term was created in 2013 by the American Psychiatric Association and covers a wider range of disorders than just autism. For clarity, at Aspect we use the term autism rather than ASD, and ‘autism assessments’ rather than ‘ASD assessments’. We also use the term ‘autistic person’ to recognise, affirm and validate that individual’s unique identity, value and worth.

Please click here for instructions on how to connect to your Telehealth appointment. If you’re still having trouble setting up video calls for Telehealth after going through the steps, check out our Troubleshooting Video Call Setup Guide or visit the HealthDirect Teletherapy Help Center.

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After the tests, we will help you to try and connect to Telehealth.

Forms and Information

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Aspect Assessments Intake form

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Aspect Assessment Participant Handbook

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Aspect Assessment Fees

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