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Aspect Employment are offering online mentoring and webinars.
Mentoring sessions are by appointment only, so please contact Aspect Employment on 1800 277 328 to arrange an appointment.

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Disability Employment Service’s (DES) around Australia are seeing an increase in their numbers of job seekers on the spectrum. Aspect Employment can work in collaboration with your client and staff to provide training, support and coaching to build the skills and capacity within your team and work with your clients to get better outcomes for your jobseekers on the spectrum.

Aspect Employment can also work with your clients on the spectrum through one-on-one specialist mentoring support to supplement your job coaching and assist you in working with your clients with complex needs. We are experienced in offering specialist support to job seekers, employers and disability services, so we understand the barriers to overcome and the strategies that may help your organisation make successful placements.

Training session objectives

  • Equip staff to meet the needs of job seekers with raise awareness of autism
  • Learn how to identify potential barriers
  • Help increase accessibility to your products and services
  • Identify steps and strategies for supporting your clients
  • Identify ways to brief employers
  • Typical workplace adjustments

Eligibility and Costs

The Aspect Employment Training has relevance across all Disability Employment Service employees responsible for supporting candidates and employers, such as Employment Consultants, Job Coaches and Managers.


Training is held at your workplace at a time suitable for you and your team. Arrangements made to suit your organisation's needs.

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