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Aspect Capable Via TeleHealth

Aspect Capable are now using TeleHealth for all one-to-one appointments and mentoring.

Mentoring sessions are by appointment only, so please contact Aspect Capable on 1800 277 321 to arrange an appointment.

To start a Telehealth session

Please Select Aspect Capabe from the "clinic" dropdown list

Pre-call Test

Check and that your device will work with TeleHealth.

This test will check that your device will work with our TeleHealth Service..
This includes:

  • Checking your camera, microphone, browser and speakers
  • Testing that you can connect to the internet.
  • Testing that you can connect to TeleHealth.
  • Keeping ionformation about how well you can connect to TeleHealth.

After the tests, we will help you to try and connect to TeleHealth.

Aspect Capable Employment Mentoring offers one-on-one strengths-based employment support to assist adults on the spectrum prepare for, find and maintain meaningful employment. Mentoring support is tailored to each individual need can include:

  • Autism-specific job skills assessment, occupational decision making and skills matching
  • Supporting job seekers identify, search and apply for suitable and meaningful jobs
  • Support key transitions through school, further education, employment and whole of life
  • Pre-vocational skill development such as transport, time management, understanding your finances, building skills for independence
  • Job readiness and preparation
  • Developing and improving skills for finding employment including interview skills, writing an effective resume and ‘selling yourself’ to an employer
  • Developing skills for finding and maintaining employment including communication, organisational, social skills, and understanding the hidden curriculum of the workplace and the underlying expectations of employees
  • Understanding your autism and your unique skills and strengths for the workplace
  • Developing self-awareness and building confidence for the workplace
  • Workplace orientation and identifying reasonable adjustments
  • Sourcing and settling into jobs, internships, placements, work experience and volunteering opportunities
  • Individual employment support including training for employers

Phone us to discuss how we can help you.

Call 1800 277 328

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