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Why choose an Aspect School?

Aspect schools offer dynamic, individualised learning for students with a caring and nurturing approach. As leaders in education for students on the autism spectrum, Aspect has over 50 years experience in providing autism-specific schooling in Australia.

We have nine independent schools across Australia and 113 satellite classes based in mainstream Primary and High school settings. We educate around 1185 children on the autism spectrum in our schools every year aged from 4 years to 17 years.

Our learning environments are tailored to the individual needs of students through evidence-informed practice. Class sizes are small with a high teacher to student ratio. All classes include a teacher and teacher aide. Another Australian first for Aspect is our distance education program for students on the autism spectrum. This program allows students to learn from home by connecting them to teacher via a range of digital learning tools.

Western Sydney School grounds
Western Sydney School grounds

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