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The Aspect Hunter School

Aspect Hunter School provides education for 178 students on the autism spectrum across nine sites. 84 of these students are enrolled in our satellite program and approximately 94 of these students are enrolled at the Aspect Hunter Primary School and our High School both located at our main school site in Thornton. Aspect Hunter School also offers a Distance Education program which currently supports 10 students.

Our satellite sites are specialised autism-specific classes located within mainstream Department of Education and Catholic schools. Primary Satellite Classes in the Hunter region are located in Muswellbrook, Abermain, Tarro, Waratah West and Cardiff. There are also two Satellite sites located in Port Macquarie that provide education for students in Primary and High school years.

Aspect regards transition as a necessary part of every student’s educational journey. The primary focus of the school is to act as a transitional setting that builds on student’s skills and independence enabling them to transition to less specialised settings with comprehensive and personalised support. Approximately twenty percent of our students successfully transition each year.

Our service delivery is person-centred with an emphasis that focuses on strengths and celebrating the diversity of talents. A detailed overview of our Comprehensive Approach and our Vision, Mission, Values & Purpose can be found on this website.

Information Sessions

The school holds information sessions each term for parents/carers and service providers to give details of the range of services provided by Aspect in the Hunter region. These services include; therapy, early support, school-based programs, educational outreach and training and support across home and community.

Our Campuses & Satellite Classes

Distance Education Program

The Aspect Hunter School is now accepting registrations from families of children on the autism spectrum entering Years 3 – 6 in 2020, who live in NSW, for our new autism-specific Distance Education program.

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Aspect Hunter is registered and accredited by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority. The NSW curriculum is followed. Students are involved in a range of compulsory subjects complemented by electives through their junior and senior schooling. Each student will have an individualised program with relevant adjustments made to ensure positive learning opportunities. We utilise community based activities to assist students to generalise their learning experiences and the impact of their autism.


Our school uses technology in a range of ways to complement classroom learning. As with all components of our program this is individualised to the needs of students. We monitor very closely its use to ensure it is not the only means of delivering a program.

Positive Behaviour Support

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach is used to support our students to regulate their behaviour. PBS understands that challenging behaviour occurs for a reason, and is communicating important information about what the individual needs, wants and how to support them. It is likely that the demands of the student's situation exceed their ability to cope positively. We focus on students’ strengths and special interests to motivate learning and celebrate the diversity and talents of our students.

School Tours

School tours are held regularly throughout the year. Please contact the school to learn more.

School Transport

For students who reside in NSW, families may be eligible for Transport Assistance for Students with Disabilities.


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Aspect School Prospectus 2020 Hunter

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Hunter School 2020 Annual report

Aspect Comprehensive Approach

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach supports all areas of the child's development. With the support of their family and the child, teachers and professionals develop individual plans (IP). The IP highlights the learning style, techniques and supports most appropriate to the needs of the child and provides a positive learning environment that focuses on their strengths or interests.

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