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The Aspect Treetop School

Aspect Treetop School in Ashford, SA provides dynamic, individualised learning for students on the autism spectrum with a caring and nurturing approach. Our main campus proudly offers 14 classes for students from Reception to Year 10 with current students’ age ranging from 5 to 17 years old.

Students have access to both indoor and outdoor play spaces with a wide variety of equipment including a trampoline, bikes, and playground equipment at their disposal. The school hall currently hosts a small library with books, games, building blocks, art supplies and access to the Commbox for music and educational programs. Students use our kitchen for cooking and life skills activities and future plans are in place for a new library. We also provide many other services, events and activities through community access programs.

Classroom staff are supported by our Learning Support Team consisting of the Principal, Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapists and executive staff. Each class teacher is also supported by a Student Support Officer (SSO)

The school has an active Parents and Friends group which organises events and fundraising throughout the school year.

The best way to experience the Aspect School learning environment is to come and visit yourself. Enrolment enquiries at all year levels are welcome at any time.

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Aspect Treetop is registered and accredited by the Education Standards Board SA. The South Australian curriculum is followed. Students are involved in a range of compulsory subjects complemented by electives through their junior and senior schooling. Each student will have an individualised program with relevant adjustments made to ensure positive learning opportunities. We utilise community-based activities to assist students to generalise their learning experiences and the impact of their autism.


Our school uses technology in a range of ways to complement classroom learning. As with all components of our program this is individualised to the needs of students. We monitor very closely its use to ensure it is not the only means of delivering a program.

Positive Behaviour Support

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach is used to support our students to regulate their behaviour. PBS understands that challenging behaviour occurs for a reason, and is communicating important information about what the individual needs, wants and how to support them. It is likely that the demands of the student's situation exceed their ability to cope positively. We focus on students’ strengths and special interests to motivate learning and celebrate the diversity and talents of our students.

Enrolment Information Sessions

Enrolment Information Sessions are held regularly throughout the year. The Information Session is for families who want to know more about our education program and the enrolment process. For the schedule of information sessions, please contact the school on:

Tel: (08) 7326 0200 Email:

Enrolment & Fees

Learn more about the process of enroling in Aspect Schools.


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Aspect Treetop School Prospectus (Adelaide)

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Aspect SA School Fees 2023

Schedule of Aspect School fees for our SA school for 2023.

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2022 Annual Report Aspect Treetops School

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