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A message from our Principal

Welcome to Aspect Western Sydney School. Established in 1984, we offer a safe, supportive learning environment for students on the autism spectrum. Our school caters for close to 160 students across the Greater Western regions of Sydney. Our school has a main school site at Wetherill Park which consists of six primary classes and the administration base, as well as eight primary satellite classes and five high school classes which are Aspect run but operated within NSW Department of Education and Catholic Schools.

Our school proudly adopts a comprehensive approach to education for students on the autism spectrum known as the Aspect Comprehensive Approach. This approach is person-centred therefore the focus is on meeting individual need. Our education programs engage, celebrate and utilise the strengths, interests and aspirations of our students. Our staff are committed to continual improvement and we work closely with the community as partners. We also work in close partnership with parents as we value the importance of a team approach to supporting students.

School Tours

We welcome all enquiries and conduct regular pre-enrolment tours which include a presentation about Aspect and a tour of the main school site. Please contact the school office on Ph: 02 8786 3000 for more information.

Our Campuses & Satellite Classes

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Aspect Western Sydney School uses the Aspect Comprehensive Approach, in conjunction with NESA syllabus documents, to provide Individualised Plans (IPs) that understand, engage and celebrate the strengths, interests and aspirations of each student enrolled at the school. The school works closely with each student and their family to develop these plans. The main focus of the school is to support every student to develop functional skills to enhance transition and inclusion in less specialised settings and in the student’s local community.

Classroom staff are supported by a Learning Support Team consisting of the school’s leadership team, a Psychologist, Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Each class teacher is also supported by a teacher’s aide


Our school uses technology in a range of ways to complement classroom learning. As with all components of our program this is individualised to the needs of students. We monitor very closely its use to ensure it is not the only means of delivering a program.

Positive Behaviour Support

The Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) approach is used to support our students to regulate their behaviour. PBS understands that challenging behaviour occurs for a reason, and is communicating important information about what the individual needs, wants and how to support them. It is likely that the demands of the student's situation exceed their ability to cope positively. We focus on students’ strengths and special interests to motivate learning and celebrate the diversity and talents of our students.

School Tours

School tours are held regularly throughout the year. Please contact the school to learn more.

295 Victoria St (PO Box 6069 )
Wetherill Park NSW 2164
T 02 8786 3000 F 02 8786 3099

School Transport

For students who reside in NSW, families may be eligible for Transport Assistance for Students with Disabilities.

Aspect Outreach

Aspect Western Sydney School offers consultancy services to mainstream and special schools in the Western Sydney/lower Blue Mountains region. Known as Aspect Education Outreach, parents and schools can refer their child/student for support. Student workshops and professional development are also available to schools.


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Aspect School Prospectus 2020 Western Sydney

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Western Sydney School 2020 Annual report

Aspect Comprehensive Approach

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach supports all areas of the child's development. With the support of their family and the child, teachers and professionals develop individual plans (IP). The IP highlights the learning style, techniques and supports most appropriate to the needs of the child and provides a positive learning environment that focuses on their strengths or interests.

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