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What is a Satellite class

A satellite class is an Aspect autism-specific class operated by an Aspect school and located in a host school, mainstream school. As at July 2021, there are 113 satellite classes operating within NSW Department of Education and Catholic primary and secondary schools.

Aim of a satellite class

The aim of the program is to facilitate the transition of students with ASD into more inclusive educational settings.

Features of the Aspect Satellite Class

  • Carefully planned establishment of small classes with high levels of student support, staff training and professional support.
  • Integration of satellite class teachers into the host school community, participating in staff meetings, whole school events and sharing information and expertise.
  • Adaptive approaches (facilitative learning environments, structure, routine, systematic teaching, emphasis on learning strengths, use of learning supports, and a positive approach to behaviour support).
  • Teaching in small groups with a focus on developing social, communication and coping skills and a gradual reduction in individualized support.
  • A structured, collaborative approach to integration and supported mainstreaming, with teamwork between special educators, school executive, and general education teachers.
  • Integrated activities provide opportunity for peer interaction, role modeling, development of social skills, and evaluation of student needs.
  • Specialized intervention, including individualized planning using curriculum that focuses on the Aspect Comprehensive Approach to Education.
  • Preparation for future transition, including involvement in the integrated activities in the host school.
  • Carefully planned transitions from satellite classes into new settings with follow up support.
  • Collaborative consultation between Aspect, host school staff, students and parents.

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