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What we do

We work with people of all ages on the autism spectrum. We work with you to tailor a range of programs and supports to help you achieve specific planning and life goals.

We also work with people on the autism spectrum to offer tailored, privately-funded supports on a fee-for-service basis and provide state government block funded services

Other Services

Our staff will:

  • Facilitate your involvement in social groups and individual interests such as arts, media and other recreational participation
  • Provide vocational support including skills assessments, workplace assessments, job searching, preparing for employment, employment mentoring, counselling, volunteering opportunities and workplace support
  • Work alongside participants and their families at moments of key transitions such as leaving or changing school, further education, employment and adult life
  • Provide training and professional coaching for employers, professionals and family members to support participants to achieve their full potential
  • Creating and supporting opportunities for peer support and mentoring in vocational and life skills

Your independence and life skills goals can be achieved with Aspect Choose & Connect. We work with you wherever you most want help in daily life, both at home and in the community. Our staff work with you to:

  • Access your community including travel training and using public transport
  • Develop essential independent living skills with those who want to live as independently as possible at any time of day throughout the year
  • Improve your skills and knowledge in the use of assistive technology in day to day life

Aspect is passionate about enabling our staff to support people on the autism spectrum, their families and support services to have the best quality of life possible. This means working in homes, schools, work, leisure and community environments to develop skills that will help people improve their quality of life, develop positive relationships and have choices in their lives. Services include:

  • Positive behaviour support planning in conjunction with the person and their support network
  • Hands on support to develop and implement support strategies
  • Positive behaviour support workshops and training sessions

Aspect's accommodation and lifestyles services seek to advance the circumstances of individuals and their families by offering a range of tailored skills based supports and experiences that that work towards developing a better quality of life. These services include:

  • Short term facility based accommodation assistance
  • Supporting your living arrangements including assistance with accommodation; starting and maintaining tenancy obligations; household budgeting and housekeeping
  • Linkages with mainstream community organisations
  • Supporting Individuals to make the most of their current social networks or, if appropriate, supporting participants to develop new social relationships.
  • Holidays and camps
  • After school, weekend, evening and holiday programs for children, siblings, youth and adults.

Costs will be quoted for you depending on your individual circumstances including funding eligibility, the service you choose and pricing determined by the funder

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Aspect Choose & Connect currently operate in the following regions:

  • Melbourne Metro and Rural Victoria areas
  • Barwon & Geelong
  • Sydney Metro, Hunter and Nepean Blue Mountains
  • Northern NSW

Aspect Choose and Connect Price Guide

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Aspect Choose and Connect Fees July 2019

Aspect Choose and Connect Participants Handbook

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Aspect Choose and Connect Participant Handbook August 2019

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