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What are the options for someone about to leave high school or who has recently left?

There are many options for someone on the autism spectrum once they leave school. In terms of further education and training, some young people on the autism spectrum go to university and complete tertiary degrees with some support. Others may pursue a traineeship or apprenticeship or additional vocational studies. In terms of employment, some autistic people work in open employment while others will need support through programs such as Transition to Work or Disability Employment Services to obtain suitable employment. Some young people on the spectrum may not be able to work in open employment settings and are more suited to supported employment options. The difficulty for many parents and young people is knowing which option is the most realistic and suitable pathway. Finding information about the various services and supports available can also be challenging.

A comprehensive assessment around the time of this transition can provide important information that will be helpful in making decisions. Aspect’s Diagnostic Assessment Service conducts review assessments that include a current measure of autism characteristics, learning ability and everyday living skills. This allows for a tailored profile of the young person’s strengths and weaknesses to be developed, including areas that will benefit from continued intervention into adulthood to help them achieve their potential. We are also able to provide information regarding the various supports and services available in the young person’s local areas.

Through Aspect Capable, Aspect offers mentoring, training and consultancy.

Launchpad is a free online resource Aspect created to support teenagers and young people, aged 16 and over. It covers the major topics they need to know about as they transition from school to adult life including study, work, health, social life, learning to drive, independent living and self-advocacy.

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