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Do you want to make the decisions that impact your life? Do you see your life as something that is yours not something to be managed by others? We can help you to control how and who helps you to achieve your goals by:

  • Helping you to design a personalised program
  • Connecting you with people who share your interests
  • Assisting you to develop, manage and keep track of your budget
  • Acting as the legal employer of your support team if required
  • Working with you to develop natural supports within the community

The life you want

Aspect can help you to better manage at home, in your neighbourhood and in the wider community. We can provide you with support, information and connections with groups, clubs and others in your area of interest. If you would like help finding friends, getting ready for your day, doing your shopping, attending activities or appointments, joining in with the community and staying in touch with others, Aspect can help. We will work with you to get the life you want each day.

Your choice

We can help you identify costs and decide on the type of supports and services you want. This could include community support, specialist support services, skill building activities, or hiring support workers. We will work with you to develop ways to measure the effectiveness of your plan and budget, and the quality of support you receive. We can also act as an intermediary for you to manage your funding and help you to direct it to the supports and services you want.

If you are keen to meet and share ideas with others who have self-managed packages, we can help you connect with people through community events, social media, email and other communication forums.

Make the call

The first step in deciding whether we are the right choice in helping you to live the life you want and reach your goals is to make an appointment to meet with us. We will listen to and work with you, your family, and your friends to identify the life you want and design the right supports to help you achieve it.

Together, we will develop an agreement that clearly describes what you want to achieve and what we will do to help you to do this.

Phone us to discuss how we can help you.

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Send us a message and we'll get back to you.

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