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We have a range of fact sheets, social stories and other resources to support families and participants. Have a look at the information below, read our past newsletters and find information to help you.

COVID Supports and resources

COVID-19 Hotline

The Federal Government has established a COVID-19 hotline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any additional questions you may have – 1800 022 222.

We are following Government guidelines on COVID-safe practices and we have developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan, implemented across all of our sites and services.

Are you on Facebook?

Aspect has set up a private Facebook Group for Autistic Adults during COVID-19

Where to get more information and support

You can read our COVID-19 Safety Plan here.

Document Icon Governance

COVID-19 Safety Plan 2022

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) has developed this COVID-19 Safety Plan to help create and maintain a safe environment for all staff, students/participants, families, contractors and visitors.

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