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The parent and child relationship is a life-long journey of learning and discovery. This may be exceptionally true for parents raising a child on the autism spectrum. Access to quality and timely information is critical for parents of children on the autism spectrum, so that they can support their child to reach their full potential.

Aspect Therapy offers a range of Parent Training programs focussed on families developing a greater understanding of autism and the impact that an individual child’s autism has upon his/her learning, development and behaviour.

Programs include the internationally renowned parent training programs Hanen More Than Words™ and Hanen Talkability™; PBS Plus, a behaviour support training programs which guides families in preventing and managing behaviours of concern; Autism in the Early Years Training program, which supports families learning and development across a broad range of areas; and a publication series designed to support families and service providers implement best practice intervention strategies.

Hanen Parent Training Programs

Aspect Therapy offers internationally renowned parent training programs Hanen More Than Words™ and Hanen Talkability™. Hanen parent training programs support parents and other caregivers to learn how to promote children's language and literacy development during everyday activities. Hanen programs are based on the most current research in early childhood language development, and transform this research into practical, easy-to-use strategies. These workshop programs are presented by Aspect Hanen-certified speech pathologists.

Hanen More Than Words™

The More Than Words™ Program is designed for parents of children aged up to 5 on the autism spectrum. The program empowers parents by providing the tools, strategies and support they need to help their young child achieve successful communication outcomes.

  • Giving parents practical skills to help their children understand, and by providing more opportunities for communication
  • Providing positive opportunities to engage with their child and developing play skills
  • Help to turn everyday activities into learning opportunities
  • Help to manage behaviours through understanding communicative intent

The More than Words™ program includes:

  • Eight group and three individual sessions delivered by practitioners trained in the delivery of the program
  • Individual video feedback sessions so parents can reflect upon what is happening
  • ‘More Than Words’ parent guidebook

We are currently taking expressions of interest for future programs. Please indicate your availability using the form below, and we will contact you when sessions become available

Hanen More than Words is a Program designed for children aged 0-5 with social communication challenges. This program is primarily run online, but occasionally we run Face to Face courses.

You can also contact Aspect Customer Service at for more information or to register interest.

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Aspect Therapy has produced a series of guides to help you and the children you support to manage day-to-day activities and the necessary changes in life. The procedures and strategies in these guides are based on the results of educational research and years of practical experience.

Titles include the following:

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