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People on the autism spectrum must be viewed as individuals who have specific strengths and interests, and their own unique personalities. Most people and children on the spectrum will, at some point, engage in behaviour that causes difficulties and limits their ability to have a good life. This behaviour is often referred to as “challenging” because it challenges everyone who supports the person to understand why it is happening and to work together to find a solution. These challenging behaviours, or behaviours of concern, are the result of an interaction between the individual, the environment and other people involved with the individual.

PBS recognises the unique role and expertise that parents, carers and families of those on the autism spectrum have to play in managing behaviour. Families and carers are the best placed to help identify why a behaviour is occurring, the development of a behaviour plan and using strategies to change behaviour. When behaviour involves a high level of risk or is complex, and behaviour strategies are not being effective it is a good idea for families to get support from a specialist who can support behaviour.

In Aspect Therapy, we are passionate about supporting people on the spectrum and their families, and often challenging behaviours can get in the way of opportunities for learning, leisure and happiness. Aspect Therapy employs a range of Positive Behaviour Support Specialists who seek to understand behaviours of concern from multiple perspectives, and work in partnership with the individual’s family and support network to develop plans and goals for meaningful change.

All Aspect Therapy PBS staff are approved Behaviour Support Practitioners delivering services under the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission.

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