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Calling all senior high school students.

Starting July 2022, Aspect Extend is a new after-school program developed just for you!

Aspect Extend is aimed at students on the autism spectrum who wish to build their confidence and independence post school. Fun, centre and community-based activities, such as bowling and games, hikes and swimming, visual arts and cooking are being offered.

The after-school program, which is funded through NDIS, will run Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout greater Sydney. A pick-up service from the school direct to our centres is also available.

I want to work in a restaurant one day so the cooking activities help me get closer to my dreams.

A place that adapts to you

Our autism-specific adult community centres are a warm, welcoming and safe space to be.

With a caring, professional team of highly trained employees, we know how to bring out the best in people on the autism spectrum and we’d love to talk with you about the possibilities after leaving school and beyond.

What to know what's next? Making new friends, learning new skills, real-life experiences!

Take the next step and contact us to find out locations and times.

Phone us to discuss how we can help you.

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