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Aspect’s Treetop School located in Ashford, South Australia, opened in 2016 and has undergone significant changes over the years to ensure the school communities’ needs are met. The school currently caters for 90 primary and secondary students.

With an ongoing demand for places and a long waitlist for Aspect’s education services in SA, Aspect recently completed an expansion of the existing school, to add:

  • four new classrooms;
  • a large break-out area for sensory play;
  • an updated commercial kitchen for the life skills programs;
  • an internal gym and climbing area; and
  • additional staff meeting rooms and amenities.

The $3.6 million budget signifies the importance Aspect is placing on ensuring ongoing investment into expanding and updating our school facilities. Importantly, the expansion has been designed to incorporate the latest learning practices and autism-friendly design, involving significant stakeholder engagement both within the Aspect team and externally across the autism and Autistic communities.

Hear what our students have to say about the new building and classrooms.

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