Behavioural Difficulties

People on the spectrum may exhibit unusual behaviour due to the difficulties they have responding to their environment. Their behaviour is generally an attempt by them to communicate their feelings or to cope with a situation. Behaviour problems may occur as the result of their heightened sensitivity to a sound or something they may have seen or felt.

For people on the spectrum, rigidly sticking to routines and spending their time in repetitive behaviours are ways for them to reduce uncertainty and maintain the predictability of their environment.

Other behaviours may include:

  • unusually intense or focused interests
  • stereotyped and repetitive body movements such as hand flapping and spinning
  • repetitive use of objects such as repeatedly switching lights on and off or lining up toys
  • insistence on sticking to routines such  travelling the same route home each day and doing things in exactly the same order every time
  • unusual sensory interests such as sniffing objects or staring intently at moving objects
  • sensory sensitivities including avoidance of everyday sounds and textures such as hair dryers, vacuum cleaners and sandClick here to learn about Social Interaction.
Behavioural Difficulties