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Providing the right support requires understanding individual needs, interests and aspirations. Like you, me and everyone we know, each person on the autism spectrum has differing strengths, challenges, interests and aspirations. Because of this, Aspect always puts the needs of the individuals first. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our responsive approach means each person is understood and valued for their unique abilities, supported through their challenges and treated with genuine respect. Aspect works in partnership with people of all ages, ensuring our tailored support continually adapts to the needs of each person.

This allows us to build positive interactions so we can develop truly personalised ways to meet the unique needs of people on the spectrum. We celebrate all achievements, no matter how big or small, to ensure that everyone is valued, respected and included.

Aspect Comprehensive Approach

Aspect uses a comprehensive organisation-wide approach to support people on the autism spectrum, their family and carers. Aspect's Comprehensive Approach encapsulates more than 50 years of Aspect's expertise in providing services to children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum. Based on the continuous review of the evidence-based literature, the Aspect Comprehensive Approach currently includes eight elements. The elements are; Health & Wellbeing, Positive Behaviour Support, Structured Supports, Learning and Participation, Individual Planning, Family and Community Involvement, Transition and Inclusion, Specialist Collaboration.

Five principles underpin the Aspect Comprehensive Approach

  1. It is applicable to all people on the autism spectrum.
  2. Interventions support all areas of a person's development & are based on assessment of individual needs.
  3. The approach is a positive and supportive model rather than a deficit approach, acknowledging a person's strengths, interests and aspirations.
  4. The approach involves collaboration between people on the spectrum, parents/carers and professionals.
  5. The approach is based on ongoing reference to research and clinical literature.

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach has an introduction to autism written by an autistic woman. Melanie Hayworth is an autistic adult and parent of three autistic children who completed the Autism Cooperative Research Centre’s ‘Future Leaders’ program in 2018. This means that every staff member will read this introduction as part of their induction to Aspect.

Five Point Star

At the centre of the Aspect Comprehensive Approach is the Five Point Star*. This helps our staff to learn about and understand autism. We do this by thinking about things in 5 different ways:


What the person understands and how they learn


What the person wants to say and how they say it


What the person wants or thinks is going to happen


Why the person does the things they do


How the person senses sound, light, smells, tastes, touch or other things around them

Eight areas of support of the Aspect Comprehensive Approach

We know it is important to support participants in:

Health and Wellbeing

Making sure they are staying healthy, safe and happy

Transition and Inclusion

Being involved and included in the community

Family and Community Engagement

Working with their family and other people who are important to the person

Positive Behaviour Support

Working together to have a safe and good life by making changes, and teaching new and helpful ways of doing things for the person and the people that support them

Individual Planning

Having a plan that works for their needs and the life they want

Structured Supports

Having organised and routine ways to do our work

Lifelong Learning

Working in different ways and having learning spaces that work for them that make sure everyone can take part

Specialist Collaboration

Using expert help

*Based on Autism Initiatives (UK) Five Point Star

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