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The adolescent years are a period of preparation for adulthood, with a number of key developmental stages. These include physical changes, as well as changes to thought processes and emotions (cognitive and emotional changes), sense of identity and values (psychological changes), relationships (social changes), and realistic aspirations for the future. Our adolescent services support and assist young people to prepare for adulthood.

A young person’s experiences during this phase of development can play an important role in making the transition into adulthood both positive and successful. Our services focus on the strengths and attributes of each young person. We work with the individual, their family and friends, to recognise and positively reinforce their skills, capacity and experiences. We encourage individuals to develop skills that will help them improve their quality of life, develop positive
relationships, have choices and participate in their community.

How we work

We believe that young people depend on their families, schools, peers and communities to develop the skills and confidence to make the successful transition to adulthood. Positive experiences and relationships go a long way in assisting young people to make the necessary adjustments to manage this important development stage and build resilience when dealing with the inevitable pressures and frustrations of being a teenager.

Our adolescent services recognise that each young person is unique and the rate and pace of physical, emotional and social development will vary. Our services are tailored to each individual and take account of the family and social contexts of each young person. We work in partnership with individuals, families and communities and we provide information, support and education to equip the young person with the specific skills, resources and networks that they need to be confident in adulthood.

Our adolescent services, whether they be school-based, community-based, or in the home, all work together to assist each young person to develop their own identity and be strong independent thinkers and contributors in adulthood.

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach

Aspect uses a comprehensive organisation-wide approach to support. Aspect's Comprehensive Approach encapsulates more than 50 years of Aspect's expertise in providing services to children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum.

Need help transitioning from School into adult life?

Aspect has released a world-first website for young people on the autism spectrum and their families.

Called 'Launchpad', the free online resource has been created to support teenagers and young people, aged 16 and over. It covers the major topics they need to know about as they transition from school to adult life including study, work, health, social life, learning to drive, independent living and self-advocacy.

Vicki Gibbs, clinical psychologist and manager of Aspect Assessments, explains that the transition from school is “a crucial time in any young adult’s life and is particularly challenging for young people on the autism spectrum.”

“Young people and their families have been significantly under-resourced during this important life stage. We hope Launchpad will address a gap in reliable information to support them, especially as autism is a lifelong developmental condition affecting an estimated 1 in 70 people of all ages ”, Gibbs continues.

Launchpad features two separate sections for young people and parents throughout each topic. This means that the free website is useful for all young people on the spectrum, whatever their strengths and challenges.

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