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Our supports give you the confidence and skills to live successfully on your own terms and enjoy activities and connections within your local community. Our support services have been designed to help you improve self-confidence, emotional resilience, physical wellbeing and extend networks and connections within the community.

We offer a personalised approach to working with you, creating opportunities that are shaped by your choices and the life you want to live. We place individuals and families at the centre of what we do and develop strong partnerships with you, your family and your community to achieve the outcomes that are meaningful for you.

Aspect services can help you to better manage at home, in the neighbourhood and in the wider community. We provide support, information and connections with groups, clubs and others who share a common area of interest. Our programs assist you to develop skills, increase independence, engage with community activities and identify employment options. We work with you to get the life you want each day and we can help you to control how and who helps you by:

  • Helping you to design a personalised program
  • Connecting you with people who share your interests
  • Working with you to develop natural supports within the community

Our services encourage you to value your own abilities and strengths by focusing on activities and projects that match your individual interests.

How we work

Our knowledge and expertise in supporting people on the spectrum allows us to provide individualised services that enable greater independence and enhanced quality of life.
Supports are flexible and designed with you to meet your needs and assist you to achieve your goals. Whether its assistance to help you coordinate your supports or specific individualised intervention to help you better manage a situation, we can help.

Our services include:

  • Life skills
  • Review assessment for post-school or recent school leavers
  • Case management
  • Day programs
  • Employment support
  • Positive behaviour support
  • Individual therapy (speech, occupational therapy and psychology)
  • Service coordination

Aspects Day Programs are currently at capacity and our waitlist is closed

The Aspect Comprehensive Approach

Aspect uses a comprehensive organisation-wide approach to support. Aspect's Comprehensive Approach encapsulates more than 50 years of Aspect's expertise in providing services to children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum.

Need help transitioning from School into adult life?

Aspect has released a world-first website for young people on the spectrum and their families.

Called 'Launchpad', the free online resource has been created to support teenagers and young people, aged 16 and over. It covers the major topics they need to know about as they transition from school to adult life including study, work, health, social life, learning to drive, independent living and self-advocacy.

Vicki Gibbs, clinical psychologist and manager of Aspect Assessments, explains that the transition from school is “a crucial time in any young adult’s life and is particularly challenging for young people on the autism spectrum.”

“Young people and their families have been significantly under-resourced during this important life stage. We hope Launchpad will address a gap in reliable information to support them, especially as autism is a lifelong developmental condition affecting an estimated 1 in 70 people of all ages ”, Gibbs continues.

Launchpad features two separate sections for young people and parents throughout each topic. This means that the free website is useful for all young people on the spectrum, whatever their strengths and challenges.

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