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We deliver a flexible and broad range of services that focus on the child and family to build practical skills, increase knowledge and encourage participation within their community.

Our team of highly skilled early years staff work across a number of areas, including diagnosis, positive behaviour support, developmental and social learning, therapy and family-based interventions.

Where to start

The first step is to get a diagnosis for your child. Our diagnostic assessment service provides specialist psychologists who will spend several hours with you and your child for a considered, accurate diagnosis.

We also obtain information from you, your child’s preschool teachers, carers and others who have observed and know your child well, for the most accurate results.

Next steps

Effective early childhood support programs can greatly improve the quality of life for children on the autism spectrum and those with other developmental concerns. Our early childhood supports cater for children in the early childhood years (0-9). Our family-centered approach recognises the importance of working in partnership with family members.

We tailor our support to meet the individual needs of your child and we focus on supporting them in their natural environments where possible.

The Autism Advisor Program at Autism Spectrum Australia ended on 31st March, 2021. This means that services including Post Diagnostic Support phone calls, Parent Support Groups and the Early Intervention Ready Program, as well as the Webinars for Professionals and Early Childhood Professionals, are no longer be available.

If you are the parents of a newly diagnosed child or someone supporting a family, please click here for some important information.


Aspect schools can enroll children from as young as 3 years and 9 months. We have nine independent autism-specific schools, which include more than 100 satellite classes (specialist classes run by Aspect in mainstream schools), and support around 1,200 children in our schools.

Aspect Comprehensive Approach

Aspect uses a comprehensive organisation-wide approach to support. Aspect's Comprehensive Approach encapsulates more than 50 years of Aspect's expertise in providing services to children, young people and adults on the autism spectrum

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