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Article by The Age, 14 October 2015

  • Posted: Wed, 14/10/2015 - 6:27pm

Adrian Ford, CEO of Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), was today (14 October 2015) approached by The Age’s Beau Donelly with further questions about an unauthorised structure at one of Aspect’s locations in Melbourne, Victoria.

Mr Ford confirmed that "[Aspect] has not been contacted by the Police in relation to any investigation." *

In the event that Aspect is approached by the Police, Mr Ford said that Aspect "would cooperate fully. We have nothing to hide."

Also, Mr Ford told The Age today that "Aspect has not been informed of any allegations uncovered by the Disability Services Commission that warrant Police investigation."

Mr Ford confirmed again for The Age that "Aspect [had] dismantled the wooden structure being developed at its Heatherton site in April this year within 24 hours of it being reported to management."

Read Aspect’s previous statement (4 October 2015) in response to The Age’s initial article and a letter (5 October 2015) from Adrian Ford to the reporters to address inaccuracies in the report.


* Addendum: 28 October 2015 - Adrian Ford, Aspect CEO, is now aware of, and welcomes, an investigation by Victoria Police. He looks forward to the opportunity to assist with their enquiries.



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Article by The Age, 14 October 2015