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Aspect proudly launches Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (2020-2023)

29 May 2020

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Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), in partnership with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network Australia and New Zealand (ASAN AUNZ), has proudly launched the Aspect Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2020 - 2023 (DAIP), a 3 year plan to develop a more inclusive and accessible organisation.

Aspect CEO Jacqui Borland said as a major autism-specific service and education provider Aspect had an obligation to increase inclusion and access for all people working in, or receiving our services.

“One of Aspect’s most important goals is to work in partnership with people on the autism spectrum at all levels of Aspect governance, research, service planning and service delivery.

“The DAIP will help us to achieve that goal by providing a clear road map for Aspect to prioritise actions which will break down barriers to inclusive and accessible programs, employment, and facilities. The result will be better outcomes for everyone in our community

“I would really like to extend my thanks to ASAN, who have guided Aspect along the way to developing this plan. This has been a unique opportunity for both organisations, one Autistic and one service provider, to work together. The patience, trust and mutual respect demonstrated through this time is a major accomplishment and something that I hope will set a precedent for things to come,” she said.

A formal DAIP Evaluation Group has also been established to lead, implement, evaluate and report on the commitments outlined in the DAIP.

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