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Aspect Research Centre for Autism Practice (ARCAP) turns one year old

4 June 2020
Happy first birthday! ARCAP staff celebrating the milestone at a safe social distance

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ARCAP’s commitment to improving the long-term quality of life for autistic people of all ages has underpinned the team’s achievements during its first 12 months of operation.

Meeting virtually, ARCAP staff celebrated the Centre’s accomplishments to date including multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals, contributions to improving autism practices at Aspect and in the broader autistic and autism communities, and invitations to participate in expert forums and conferences both in Australia and overseas.

ARCAP was launched in May 2019 in recognition of the long history of research at Aspect as well as the strong track record of delivering evidence-informed approaches to autism practice. Aspect is one of few autism-specific service providers comprising a designated research centre.

ARCAP’s participatory approach to undertaking research means we draw upon the lived experience of autistic people and their families and carers as well as the hands-on knowledge of practitioners, to shape and inform our research in autism practice. This ensures our research is relevant, respectful and translates into proven practices.

Furthermore, our staff includes two autistic researchers who provide valuable insights and guidance around the design, delivery, implementation and reporting of research projects.

Aspect is proud to have been recognised in 2019 as one of the first official Autism CRC Research Co-production Partners. This endorsement requires an organisation to have demonstrated a sustained commitment to quality participatory or co-production research producing translatable outcomes relevant to the needs of the community.

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