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Aspect welcomes new Autistic Board Member

10 December 2020

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Tori Haar, who was a founding member of the Aspect Advisory Council and a Council representative on the Aspect Strategy Committee, joined the Board on 9 December 2020 as Aspect’s first Autistic director.

Annette Gallard, Chair of the Aspect Board, said the role of the Board was to oversee the strategic direction and key accountabilities of Aspect. The Directors possess a mix of qualifications, knowledge and experience ensuring a skilled, effective and diverse Board.

“Aspect’s Board has been working with the Aspect Advisory Council for the past couple of years on strategic planning and management of the company’s corporate risks, but the significance of having an Autistic member on the Board should not be underestimated.

“This is about recognising the importance of including Autistic input at all levels of the organisation and will serve to further strengthen the work we do with the Autistic and autism communities,” Ms Gallard said.

Tori Haar BBehavSc(Psych), BA, DipGov, MDisSt has over seven years’ experience in the government and not-for-profit sectors including project coordination, policy development, research administration and data analysis. She is an Autistic woman who has been active in the Autistic community since receiving her diagnosis in 2013.

Tori also received a Westpac Social Change Fellowship in 2019 to recognise and further her work around leadership and capacity building in the Autistic community.

“It has been a privilege to see and be part of Aspect’s journey towards working in closer partnership with Autistic people, including in its governance. I am excited to be nominated to the Aspect Board and look forward to contributing as part of this new chapter.” Ms Haar said.

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