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National Child Protection Week (6-12 Sept)

7 September 2020

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National Child Protection Week, held from 6-12 Sept 2020, invites everyone to be part of the conversation. All Australians are invited to look at how they can prioritise the well being of children and to engage in National Child Protection Week – as individuals, as families, as organisations and as a community.

Protecting children is everyone’s business.

NAPCAN CEO, Richard Cooke, says, “The added stress on families due to the coronavirus pandemic means National Child Protection Week is more important than ever.”

“Australia’s children need all of us to be playing our part in keeping them safe and well.”

“As many people as possible – not just ‘experts’ – need to be part of important conversations about putting children first.”

Aspect does its part and supports National Child Protection Week

Aspect is a child safe organisation committed to protecting the rights and interests of children and vulnerable people by providing them with a safe environment to grow and learn. This commitment also extends to ensuring a culturally safe and inclusive environment that recognises and respects an individual’s heritage, relationships and cultural practices.

Aspect has pledged its support for this year’s National Child Protection Week and invites everyone to look at how they can prioritise children in their lives and communities by engaging in National Child Protection Week activities.

National Child Protection Week program

During the week 6 – 12 September, there will be free webinars every day featuring 30+ speakers, on topics such as: Early childhood development

  • Our roles in preventing child abuse
  • What every neighbourhood needs in order for children to do well
  • Safe social media usage for children (including sessions for parents and virtual classroom events for teachers).
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