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Educational podcast aims to inform and engage listeners about autism

24 March 2021

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From exceptional high needs to twice exceptional, a different brilliant® podcast produced by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is providing a new resource to assist in understanding and learning about autism.

Hosted by Autistic adult and radio and TV entertainer, Orion Kelly, the podcast covers topics that are not commonly discussed, such as women and girls on the autism spectrum, common myths, positive parenting, the connection between sleep and autism, intersectional identities and communicating with a person who is non-verbal.

“We launched six episodes last year just before COVID and have received an incredible response with over 11,000 downloads, so we wanted to continue to provide information and discussions relevant to parents and carers with children on the autism spectrum, as well as Autistic adults and those wishing to learn more about autism,” says Jacqui Borland, CEO of Aspect.

“Pleasingly, the podcast is of interest not only in Australia, but worldwide with listeners across Europe and the UK, India, Singapore and the US, which is meaningful to me as a person diagnosed Autistic late in life, knowing the topics and issues raised resonate globally,” adds Orion Kelly, a different brilliant® podcast host.

Aspect has seen an additional 2,000 downloads with the new episodes launched over the past month.

“We’re grateful to be able to partner with industry and subject-matter experts to provide this valuable resource to the autism and Autistic communities,” concludes Borland.

The podcast is available through the Aspect website,, and most podcast apps. Is there an autism topic you want to learn more about? Send ideas to or through the website at

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