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New employment service for people with autism

  • Posted: Wed, 17/09/2014 - 11:25am

Aspect has expanded its offerings for adults with autism with the recent acquisition of specialist employment service, As Capable, and the appointment of As Capable founder and CEO, Vicky Little. 

Now known as Aspect Capable, the service is part of Aspect’s Choose & Connect Adult Program which provides person-centred employment training and support to jobseekers on the autism spectrum and their employers, led by Vicky Little as Aspect's Employment Coordinator.

Adults on the autism spectrum face ongoing challenges in gaining and sustaining employment. It is not uncommon for employers to avoid people on the autism spectrum due to the complex nature of the support required. The services Aspect Capable provides bridges that gap by offering tailored coaching, mentoring, job preparation and training for both adults with autism, and their employers.

For more information on Aspect Capable, click here. 

New employment service for people with autism