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2020 Aspect Recognition Awards - Nominees and Recipients Lists

2 April 2020

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The 2020 Aspect Recognition Awards aim to celebrate the incredible achievements happening within our autism community. Whether it’s providing inspiration, support or addressing an issue, the awards are a celebration of our diverse, creative and resilient community.

On World Autism Awareness Day 2020, it is our privilege to announce the list of recipients and nominees of this year’s Autism Spectrum Australia's (Aspect) Recognition Awards.

We'd like to warmly congratulate all nominees and recipients for their important contributions to our community!

Above and Beyond Award

Recipient: Tammy Anderson


  • Keeley Johnson
  • Teesha Scott
  • Sarah Buckland
  • Leor In Home Early Learning
  • Bert Cotte
  • Charlie Maher
  • Anastacia Filer
  • Erin Jamieson
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Paul Micallef
  • Olivia Gibson
  • Ben James
  • Julie Quinn
  • Gladyss Panoncillo
  • Summer Farrelly
  • Tammy Anderson

David Foster Appreciation Award (Volunteer)

Recipient: Keeley Johnson


  • Phoebe McShane
  • Michael Chan
  • Sharon Bassett
  • Keeley Johnson

Advancement Award

Recipient: Westpac Tailored Talent Program


  • Westpac Tailored Talent Program
  • Teesha Scott
  • Gladyss Panoncillo
  • Erin Jamieson

Inspiration Award for Individual Achievement (Adult)

Recipient: Ruby Mountford


  • Haydn Payne
  • Nichole Conolly
  • Suzanna Poredos
  • Michael Chan
  • Orion Kelsall
  • Ruby Mountford
  • Ella Pardy
  • Ethan Roberts

Inspiration Award for Individual Achievement (Youth)

Recipient: Hamish Finlayson


  • Hamish Finlayson
  • Tanmay Bhakta
  • Rachel Richards
  • Charles Tomlin
  • Summer Farrelly
  • Keeley Johnson

Parents/Carers award

Recipients: Natasha Bazil and Travis Saunders


  • Erin Jamieson
  • Karen Robinson
  • Louise Cummins
  • Natasha Bazil
  • Randa Habelrih
  • Rachael Salmen
  • Travis Saunders

Congratulations again to all nominees and recipients of the 2020 Aspect Recognition Awards and a huge thank you to all the people who took the time to nominate unsung heroes in our community!

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