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Aspect Schools establish a Student Representative Council (SRC)

3 July 2020

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Aspect is committed to working with people on the autism spectrum to produce research, services and supports. There are a number of initiatives in place to support this work across the organisation which includes:

  • The Aspect Advisory Council, a group of people on the spectrum who work directly with the Aspect Board and Aspect Executive to make decisions about the organisation
  • The Aspect Think Tank is a group of people on the spectrum that provide input and feedback about Aspect’s practice. Aspect Hunter School will liaise with this group on four school projects in 2020.
  • The development of a Disability Access & Inclusion Plan (DAIP) to inform the inclusion of people on the spectrum across the organisation.

As part of Aspect’s work in this area, Aspect Schools are establishing a Student Representative Council (SRC). The purpose of the SRC is :

  • To create a whole school approach to student leadership, build confidence and self advocacy
  • For students to provide input into decisions that affect them and to identify/propose school priorities and projects
  • For students to represent their school at community events, raise the profile of the school and awareness of autism in the community.

The Aspect Hunter School recently held a SRC badge presentation ceremony, at an all-school online assembly. Twenty students from primary and secondary classes from the main campus and satellite schools, proudly received their SRC badges under the eyes of their peers, teachers and parents.

Congratulations to all newly elected SRC representatives!

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