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Student art work goes on sale

  • Posted: Mon, 07/11/2016 - 4:15pm

A collection of artwork created by children from Aspect Vern Barnett School goes on sale in November.

Using art therapy to engage and encourage students is a practice that has been used for a long time at the school.

“We are celebrating the 45th anniversary of the school in November to commemorate the day when a group of parents gathered together and opened the first Autistic specific school here in Forestville. Riley, through a supportive school and family approach that focuses heavily on person centred strengths and interests has been able to be a part of that” says teacher Joey.

Riley is one of the children who has benefitted from art therapy. With sensitivities to noise and limited verbal communication, at age 6 Riley was finding it difficult to cope at the school.

Riley’s teacher could see the challenges that he was facing. But he could also see the strengths and passions that he had. And one of them in particular stood out – drawing.

Riley’s teacher started incorporating his artistic talent into his schoolwork. It really helped him learn how to follow instructions, stay focussed and share his emotions.

“Riley’s art has really helped him connect with the world and really brought on his communication. His teachers always encouraged him to talk about what he was drawing. Before he couldn’t really communicate at all, but now he’s forming whole sentences and learning new words all the time” says Riley’s mum Janelle.

Riley’s artwork has gone from strength to strength, and so have his communication skills and confidence. He is now the MC at his school assemblies.

"The first time I saw him MC I was so incredibly proud, it was a huge achievement but I was equally shocked. When given the Microphone, it seemed he was a different boy, so confident in his talking” says Janelle.

You can see a collection of artwork, by children like Riley at Forestville RSL on Friday 25th November 2016, 6-8pm. Hosted by Aspect, the cocktail party and art auction showcases work from students at Aspect Vern Barnett School.

Student art work goes on sale