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Aspect Macarthur School

Aspect Macarthur School provides an evidence informed educational program for approximately 104 students with autism spectrum across five separate sites in the Macarthur region, and two sites in the Northern Rivers on the Far North Coast of NSW.
The early years, 4-12, are a critical phase in a child’s development. Our services and supports focus on social and emotional well-being to help students to gain an understanding of their world so they can function with confidence, assurance and independence. The school currently employs both full and part time staff including: an executive team; teachers; teacher aides; therapists; school administration and support staff. As educators of children with autism we are passionate about providing our students with a strong foundation from which they can continue to develop. We focus on giving students and their families the opportunity to develop skills to:
  • Access and participate in their communities
  • Achieve a meaningful and appropriate level of independence
  • Interact positively with others
  • Understand and regulate their sensory needs, emotional responses and behaviour.

By learning to value their own strengths and efforts, as well as those of others, students become much more adept at coping with stressful or unexpected situations.

We are passionate about people, being positive and possibilities.
Aspect Macarthur school provides an educational program for students with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum and is registered via the NSW Board of Studies. Aspect Macarthur is registered as a K-10 school, following the K – 10 syllabus outcomes and as a Special School, which allows us to individualise our academic and support programs. We are funded via the NSW and Australian Government. School fees are required to support the shortfall in funding.
For families the single most important consideration is that our school is a transitional environment, preparing our students for their next most appropriate educational setting.
Our base site, located at Cobbitty provides an educational environment for students of differing abilities; from 4-12 yrs, we currently run 5 base classes. Our satellite classes include; infants, primary and high school programs within both the Department of Education and Catholic Education schools.
Where we are:
Aspect Macarthur School
229 Macquarie Grove Road
Cobbitty NSW 2570
Phone: (02) 4651 3901


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Aspect Macarthur School