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We have nine independent schools across Australia, and nearly 100 satellite classes (classes run by Aspect schools, held in mainstream schools). We educate around 1000 children with autism in our schools every year, aged from three years and nine months.

We tailor our learning environments to the special needs of students with autism. Class sizes are small with a high teacher to student ratio. All classes include a teacher and a teacher's aide. Our goal is to help students develop the skills to become as independent as possible and to enable them to succeed in the wider community. Our schools are:

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How to enrol in an Aspect School

Aspect's NSW Schools are funded in part by the NSW Department of Education and Communities which has specific criteria for placement.To be eligible for placement in one of Aspect's NSW schools, prospective students must have the following:

  • a current diagnosis from a specialist medical practitioner or clinical psychologist, which is not more than 12 months old; and
  • a current standardised cognitive or developmental assessment (e.g. IQ Testing, Griffiths, WISC-IV, WPPSI-III, Stanford Binet V), which is not more than two years old.

We hold regular enrolment information sessions at each Aspect School to answer your questions and provide enrolment application forms. Enrolment applications are assessed and approved by an Aspect Schools Enrolment committee.

An application is made for an Aspect School rather than a specific class. Our School's professional staff decide which class is best suited to the educational needs of the student. Requests for applications and referrals to schools may be made either by parents or by service providers in consultation with parents. A non-refundable processing fee is required for each application submitted. An appeal process is available should a student be deemed ineligible for placement. Contact your nearest Aspect School for details.

We have a memorandum with the NSW Department of Education which formalises the working arrangement we have had together for more than 40 years.

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School fees

Pay my school fees

A student's placement at one of our Schools is partially funded by the state and federal governments. However, these contributions do not cover all the costs of our specialised intensive approach to autism education and to preparing our students for transition to a more general educational setting. The balance of the cost of each place is met through school fees, which are subject to annual review.

We provide a discounted school fee for any of our students who are siblings of an existing student.

Our current fee schedule is available from your local Aspect School or can be downloaded here:
Aspect NSW School Fees
Aspect Treetop School Fees
Fees are payable by direct debit or credit card.

Aspect is a not for profit organisation, with deductible gift recipient status endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office. We rely on community support to be able to offer assistance to our students' families in relation to the payment of school fees. With this support, we are able to make sure that our students receive the best possible educational programs and at the same time grow our services to meet the ever increasing need, particularly in regional areas. We are also able to offer a limited number of sponsored places for eligible students, subject to relative need and availability. This helps us broaden access to Aspect School services for those students whose families would otherwise not be able to afford the annual Aspect School fees.

We know too, that exceptional circumstances can arise for our students' families and that this may make it difficult to meet their obligations. In these cases, our families may be able to apply for fee reduction for a short period of time.

Conditions outlined above are subject to change.

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