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Aspect South East Sydney School has base schools at Peakhurst and Kirrawee, with satelite classes in Department of Education and Catholic Schools. The administration offices of all these sites are located at Peakhurst and Kirrawee. The Principal’s office is shared between the Peakhurst and Kirrawee sites with a school secretary at both sites. There are three classes at the Peakhurst site and five at the Kirrawee site, as well as a satellite class operating from Marickville Public School. Queries regarding any of these sites should be directed to the Peakhurst office.

The School also offers satellite class placement in the infants and primary range and two classes in a high school within Department of Education and Catholic schools. These classes are staffed by Aspect teachers and teacher's aides.

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Other services

Students on the spectrum also benefit from other services delivered through the Aspect South East Sydney School.

Aspect Educational Outreach for students on the spectrum in mainstream schools and Schools for Special Purposes (SSPs).

Aspect Social Clubs Program for all autistic students.

Additional Therapy Services for students who are enrolled at the Aspect South East Sydney School, and for students with a confirmed place on our waiting list.

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