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Help us stop the bullying!

Children with autism face many challenges when it comes to interacting with others and making friends, which can lead to bullying from a young age. Research shows that 58% of adolescents continue to need support for bullying and discrimination during their high school years1. This is a tragedy and we are committed to making it stop!

You can help stop the bullying of children like Ben

Ben has always had a lot of issues making friends and can often feel incredibly anxious and upset. His coordination isn't great either, which means he struggles to play sport as he can't catch or kick a ball. All of this has really impacted his self esteem. It has also made him an easy target for bullies.

Ben isn't alone - there are thousands of children with autism who struggle with bullying every day. Some find it hard to play sports, like Ben. Others don't always react the way their peers expect and are targeted as a result. Most just find it incredibly hard to fit in and desperately want to be understood.

With your help, we can encourage understanding and acceptance in the community and put a stop to bullying. There are programs in place to equip children with autism with the communication and social skills to make friends; to teach students in schools about what it's like to have autism so they can understand their peers; and to empower parents and teachers with the knowledge to support children with autism in the best way possible. But we need your help to do it.

Your donation today can help to expand these vital programs and make a life-changing difference for children suffering from bullying.

$5 per month can help a child with autism attend a social skills course and learn strategies to cope with bullying

$10 per month can help provide information and support for parents and teachers so they can help children with autism get the most out of their education

$20 per month can help our Educational Outreach team run interactive workshops with children to help them understand what it's like to have autism

$35 per month can help fund the teachers needed to run social clubs and help children with autism in mainstream schools learn to make friends

1Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), October 2013, We Belong Too: The Experiences, Needs and Service Requirements of Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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