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Please Support our 2017 Tax Appeal

Lola and Vassilios are seven year old twins, who are both on the autism spectrum. They have come so far since receiving vital specialist support from Aspect, and have an incredible story which you can read here.

But for every child we can help, there are so many who are missing out on the best opportunities to fulfil their full potential. But you can change that with a kind gift today. 


I believe that we all have a right to be a valuable member of society, and we all have untapped potential. And we need children on the spectrum to fulfil their potential. Just think how many changes in the world have been instigated by an autistic mind. They are the people who can think outside the box and discover new things. They are quirky and different, and that’s a good thing!”  

Anastasia (Lola and Vassilios's mum)

Please Support our 2017 Tax Appeal