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This World Autism Understanding Day we can all learn something new about autism. If you know someone who has recently identified as Autistic, check out our resources on understanding autism, disclosure and autism myths. If you are looking to become an ally or advocate to the Autistic community, there are plenty of ideas in our resources covering autism-friendly environments, autism and First Nations People, and facilitating interactions between Autistic and non-Autistic people.

Fact Sheets

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Understanding Autism Fact Sheet

What is autism? Autism can be tricky to define. Autism is a developmental condition that affects how a person learns and interacts with the world around them.

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Autism-friendly Tips & Hints

Tips for autism-friendly and inclusive interactions.

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Girls and women on the autism spectrum

More boys and men have a diagnosis of autism than girls and women, but recent data tells us that the gender gap in prevalence might be smaller than previously thought.

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Supporting Autistic people who may want to disclose - a guide for non-Autistic people

To be an ally or an advocate to someone who wants to talk about autism, follow these tips from people who are Autistic!

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