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The choice to become a therapist usually stems from an inherent desire to support people to improve their quality of life, to meet their goals, to make a difference. Whether small steps or big leaps, knowing we’ve played a critical part in changing the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum is what our 200+ strong Aspect Therapy team is all about.

We set a realistic goal of supporting three to four people a day. This is rare we know. We also know that by doing this, you have more time to discover the unique strengths and aspirations of the people we support, more time to reflect and plan, and more time to influence high quality, effective solutions.

With an unwavering philosophy focussed on a person-centred, strength-based approach, you will love working in an environment that truly celebrates neurodiversity.

Amanda CAMPBELL Photo
“While I felt comfortable working with clients and their families, I knew there was a gap in my knowledge around Autism, particularly when it came to delivering therapy. It was a steep learning curve, but I felt so supported by my supervisor and colleagues. I was very lucky to be part of the new induction.”
Ryan LANGE Photo
“The support that we have had since we started from all the staff has just been amazing. I would say that the induction period was definitely a highlight in terms of the really gradual increase to our caseload and going through all of the training at the start. I think it's super important as a new grad to know that you can get that and it’s essential to have that sort of gradual uptake of clients to make us feel comfortable as well, which I know Aspect did really, really well.”
Stephen WILLIAMS Profile Photo
“Being able to work in the client’s natural environment is a big highlight. Working on functional goals in functional settings is powerful; you are able to see whether they’re generalising new skills to their actual life, and whether it’s having a functional impact. You can actually see the impact, and see them apply what you’re doing to their everyday life. It’s really rewarding.”
Anita Hemming
Career highlights have been traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal in partnership with Charles Sturt University to support Autism Care Nepal. I’ve also loved the opportunity to be involved in new and innovative programs such as screening young children for signs of ASD.”
Sandra Evans2
“I have attended national and international conferences, can access internal professional development courses and also experience a breadth of learning experience from my colleagues across various allied health and education disciplines.”
Steph Hajjar
“There are so many things which make Aspect a great place to work. The team is incredibly warm and supportive. Staff are genuinely cared for, valued and appreciated. There is real workplace flexibility, and we get to work with fantastic people in their homes, schools or community settings.”