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Rewarding Careers in Autism Therapy

The choice to become a therapist usually stems from an inherent desire to support people - to improve their quality of life, help them meet their goals and, ultimately, make a difference in their lives.

An Aspect Therapy career will let you live out those desires.

Whether in small steps or big leaps, we know we’ve played a critical part in changing the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum. And that is what our 200+ strong Aspect Therapy team is all about.

What does an Aspect Therapy career look like?

At Aspect Therapy we set a realistic goal of supporting three to four people a day. This is lower than most organisations, we know. But we also know that, by doing this, you have more time to discover the unique strengths and aspirations of the people we support. We also have more time to reflect and plan. And more time to implement high-quality, effective solutions.

Supporting up to four people a day also creates a healthy work-life balance, which is promoted, respected and encouraged at Aspect.

We’re proud of our unwavering philosophy focused on a person-centred, strength-based approach. We know you’ll love working in an environment that truly celebrates neurodiversity.

Current Opportunities

See below for a range of opportunities at Aspect for passionate professionals seeking rewarding careers in autism therapy.

Graduate Therapist Jobs


Our 12-week graduate program will ease you into your caseload, and give you the critical insight and roadmap you need to grow your new career. Graduates are encouraged to apply for all our open roles.

Graduate Speech Pathologist - multiple locations

Graduate Occupational Therapist - multiple locations

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Registered Psychologist Jobs

Registered Pysch -therapist on couch

Our national therapy teams, including 20+ psychologists, are changing the way people view and support those on the autism spectrum. From diagnosis to building the best lives for their patients, they’re impacting the sector from the inside.

Psychologist - Adelaide, South Australia

Psychologist - Canberra, ACT

Psychologist - Liverpool, NSW

Psychologist - Northern Sydney, NSW

Psychologist - Parramatta

Psychologist - Terrigal, NSW

Psychologist (School and Community Based) - Thornton, NSW

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Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Work with individuals on the autism spectrum through individualised school, home and community-based programs. Build capacity of families, caregivers and the broader community to develop the strengths of each individual and to promote and encourage engagement within their community.

Positive Behavior Support Practitioner - Newcastle

Why join the Aspect Therapy team?

Aspect Therapy Sydney Team

At Aspect Therapy we embrace the philosophy of a different brilliant®. In fact, this person-centred philosophy is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re looking for candidates who embrace this philosophy. Who share our passion for understanding, engaging and celebrating the strengths, interests and aspirations of people on the autism spectrum.

Our person-centred approach means we spend the extra time to really get to know our amazing participants. This extends to their wonderful families and support teams.

We ensure this happens by building in the expectation of a 7.6 hour work day with a realistic utilisation of 4.25 hours. This means you'll be able to give incredible support to those in your care. And find the right balance for your personal and professional priorities.

Whether you're experienced or new to our industry, we've got you!

Our 12-week graduate and induction programs will gradually ease you into your caseload. Our industry-leading programs include online modules, joint and shadow visits with highly skilled colleagues and direct clinical supervision. And we continue to support you after you complete the program.

Expand your professional growth with broad experiences, participant diversity and positive life-changing outcomes.

You'll love the variety that comes from working with the people we support, families, carers, teachers, schools and even early education.

And our in-house research department will keep you at the leading edge of innovation in the rapidly developing autism space.

As a large, national and growing organisation, we're in the best position to offer you more benefits and opportunities.

Learning is as important to us as it is to you. So we don't just provide paid professional development. We let you choose how to spend it.

This allows you to be great at what you do, while developing skills in new areas or moving into leadership roles.

Our multi-disciplinary team of psychs, OTs and speechies learn from and support each other every day. Collaboration and a shared passion to support those on the autism spectrum means we’re working as one team… always.

We stay connected through training, professional development, regional meetings and national conferences. At Aspect, you'll always feel like you belong to something bigger.

There's a certain energy and freedom when you're working with the people you support in their own environments. In this way, the larger community becomes your clinic.

An in-community workstyle is synonymous with greater flexibility and capacity-building. With no locked in routine, you can plan your own workday. You’ll have a variety of people you support, different locations, team catch-ups and even time for professional development.

Meet our team

Ghaida AATNC Conf July 2023
"Because of Aspect's service delivery approach, I feel I’ve been able to achieve my work goals in a shorter amount of time."
"If you have a passion for working with Autistic people and their families or carers, and would like to work with a caring and supportive team, then I’d definitely recommend applying at Aspect."
“The support that we have had from all the staff since we started has just been amazing. I would say that the induction period was definitely a highlight in terms of the really gradual increase to our caseload and going through all of the training at the start.”
“The most rewarding part of my role as an AHA is to see people on the autism spectrum overcome barriers and challenges to go on to live a rewarding and satisfying life.”
Nathan Speckman AATNC Conf July 2023 v2
“Working with people on the autism spectrum can require a broad range of skills and behavioural understanding. Aspect provides a supportive and positive work environment which has helped me develop professionally and, as a result, impact participants in positive ways.”
“I have attended national and international conferences, accessed internal professional development courses and experienced a breadth of learning experiences from my colleagues across various allied health and education disciplines.”
“There are so many things which make Aspect a great place to work. The team is incredibly warm and supportive. Staff are genuinely cared for, valued and appreciated. There is real workplace flexibility and we get to work with fantastic people in their homes, schools or community settings.”
“I love the outreach visits from our team of speech pathologists and occupational therapists. It’s great working together and seeing the difference we make with participants and families.”
"Career highlight has been traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal in partnership with Charles Sturt University to support Autism Care Nepal. I’ve also loved the opportunity to be involved in new and innovative programs such as screening young children.”

Ready to get started with a career in autism therapy?