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World Autism Awareness Day

Thanks to all of our fantastic supporters who took part in Walk for autism 2016. Together we raised a huge $97,000!

The funds raised can help 275 recently diagnosed children on the autism spectrum receive Early Intervention services to provide the best opportunities to achieve their potential. 

On top of this, we had a total of 24 million steps logged. This enabled us to reach our goal of walking around Australia - and then some!

Walk for autism

Our first year of Walk for autism has been a tremendous success and we are already getting excited to start our planning to make 2017 even bigger and better.

We will let you know when Walk for autism 2017 is ready but in the meantime if you have any questions please email or call 1800 288 476.


Other resources

  • School resources: Use our teacher’s lesson plan to build awareness about autism in schools. Email to receive yours. 
  • Download and share podcasts on a range of topics: To support our quarterly newsletter, Aspect Practice Conversations, we developed a series of podcasts on a range of educational and research focused topics. Each podcast interviews different professionals, parents and people on the spectrum to hear about their views, experience or advice on the focus area. To listen to the podcasts, click here
World Autism Awareness Day